Elvira X blacksheep

Lucky Monkey Noli's baby Elvira aptly named after his grandma who gave him his first bike when he was 4.
The full set of photos by Ben of Blacksheep Manila.
2 and a half years in the making a continuing work in progress just like all our bikes.
She tours with us and we do take a lot of gas stops our bike have tiny tanks. Form triumphs over function.


jers said...

nice pics! wish i could have a photoshoot with my bikes someday. keep it up!

jers said...

nice pics! wish i could have a photo shoot with my bikes someday. keep it up!

Zoran Holtkamp said...

What a badass bike, love it!
What's it based on? Suzuki, Kawa?

Greetz from Amsterdam,

13luckymonkey@gmail.com said...

thank you jers
Zoran: its a kz750 hello from manila

Silver Jewelry said...

This is such a cute post! i love it! hope u r doing well!
Its really a great.

silver pendants said...

love the photo .. great look

perlhaqr said...

That bike is totally bad ass. It looks dangerous as hell. I love it. :)

I'm hard pressed to pick out any one specific feature that's particularly cool, it's just such a perfect gestalt of all the details, from the axle mounted brake master cylinder, to the lower triple handlebars, to the overall color scheme / patina / intricacies of things like the way the handgrip wrapping echoes the exhaust pipe wrapping.

It looks ragged and dirty, and I adore ragged and dirty, and that sense of everything non-essential having been stripped away. Somewhere to sit, somewhere to hold on, two wheels, a motor to make it go, brakes to make it stop, and just enough frame to tie it together.

It's beautiful. :)

13luckymonkey@gmail.com said...

perlhaqr thank you very much. You pretty much put the right words to describe this bike. Noli my partner will be stoked to read this. cheers ! \m/

perlhaqr said...

If my words make him happy, I will be glad, because his bike certainly made me happy.

In fact, I might start trawling the classifieds looking for something cheap. I feel inspired. :)

Cheers to y'all, from New Mexico. \mm/ (Too much rock for one hand!)

Unknown said...

I want to ride that bike,,pretty cool ..