Great read from max schaaf 4Q

just hang man.......

some nights sleep is hard
to come by. kinda like a kid on
christmas eve... i lay in bed wide
awake thinking about the next day
and all i want to do. Once the gears
start spinning it's hard to slow em
down. i remember when i was skateboarding
all the time in my teens and 20's i would
lay in bed all night thinking up tricks i
wanted to learn and things i thought i
could do on a skateboard... the bummer
is the next day your so tired from staring at
the ceiling all night your mind and body don't
work as well as you dreamed.

about a year ago on one of these such nights,
after some long hours in the garage i was laying
in bed unable to sleep. My hands burning from cuts
and chemicals, my back aching from hunching over
a bike, and my lungs filled with paint fumes.
I thought
to myself "man i feel like shit,
i'm killing myself".....
..... and i just want tomorrow to start
so i can do it again.

"i'm dying for my dreams"

it's weird to hear people talk
about others and the things
they're into. People can be
so critical of other peoples
lives. I've heard it in all
different, skate-
boarding,art, and motorcycles.
Trying to knock other folks
down saying
" ah so and so he's not
really into art, he's
just here for the ride"
or "yeah he's a good drummer but
i don't think he's really
into it" "you know his dad bought
him a skateboard when he was
like three"
.... shit i've done it, and i was
being lame and insecure.
the funny thing is the older
i got the less i thought
it would happen....nope.
When your in it, you are in it.
Only you know it. In your heart.
From head to toe.
I believe the things i love
found me..... that's
always how it has been.
When you know you can't shake
it. Abusing your body, spinning
your mind way to fast,
all to move forward.
Nothing real is easy. Love, skateboards,
friends, motorcycles,family... it takes work.
this shirt is for everyone that
understands it...
"dying for our dreams"