Wang Oud

Wang Oud an 89 year old

Living treasure of the Kalinga.

The Kalinga have been known as fierce warriors

decorated with Body art indicating rank, status

and heads taken.

Wang oud is the last of the traditional tattoo artists

of the Kalinga, a literal dying art

sculpted by Noli and tatttoed by Daweed

photos by ben of blacksheep


Wiji Lacsamana said...

dante! i am in love with this one! can't wait to have one done for me someday! :) wiji said...

Wiji: Well make you one ano ba :)

Wiji Lacsamana said...

Haha yay! A little wiji skull! :)

aldrin said...

Hi! Can you make one for me also? I love this piece. How do I get in touch with you guys? said...

Hi Aldrin kindly shoot us an email at