satan is my motor

I've got wheels of polished steel
I've got tires that grab the road
I've got seats that selflessly hold my friends
And a trunk that can carry the heaviest of loads

I've got a mind that can steer me to your house
And a heart that can bring you red flowers
My intentions are good and earnest and true
But under my hood is internal combustion pow'r
Satan is my motor
Hear my motor purr
Satan is my motor
Hear my motor purr
Satan is the only one who seems to understand
Satan is my motor


Trent Reker said...

very funny. inter combustion motors are the devil. they power the wars in the middle east, feed the military-industrial complex, and lie to solders that they die for freedom, not corporate money. said...

glad you like it trent
send me your adress thru gmail brother