Batanes Bob by Randall of Mango Red

Randall Dagooc of Mango Red sent us a photo set featuring an interesting vintage Ducati in Batanes. Batanes is one of the farthest tips of the Philippines -- remote and usually battered by the elements. There are only two cars in the whole island, if I'm not mistaken.

I was walking in the backwoods of Batanes looking for vantage points as establishing shots for the wedding venue when this ratty motorcycle parked caught my eyes. The stance looked different so I checked it out.

The owner approached me. His name is Bob. He offered a bottle of Red Horse, a local beer, which I gladly accepted. He's a mechanic and he told me the bike was an heirloom from his grandfather in Mahatao, Batanes. He was incessantly raving about it (the alcohol has already kicked in!) He told me only a rich man could afford such a Ducati, especially in Batanes.

He told me the other islanders rarely checked his bike out since Japanese bikes were more famous.
He used old jeepney parts and adapted modern mototrycle parts to keep the old bike running.

Anyway, I had a wedding to shoot, so he drove me back to the venue. I headed out to work lest I'd be a tipsy shutterbug snapping away!