Noli's Elvira

Noli the sculptor of Lucky monkey is not only a sculptor he is also a passionate bike builder. His bikes are usually far out, raw metal rolling scultptures. As with our jewelry we still adhere to raw metal, raw angry aggresive machines that baffle onlookers. Last sunday during breakfast with Benjie of he unveiled his creation. A Kawasaki KZ750 with no registration, chopped dropped and inlayed with brass and embellished with Brass Agimats( Filipino protection amulets) . Kustom touches such as the jeepney fender 4.5 liter gas tank, old ducati handgrips, old gilera seat, a discarded avon white side wall. The bike is mean in fact it kicked noli in the shins a few times getting her kick started. Another machine for the streets of mean manila


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! And YEAH!.. ang ganda! said...

hehe ill tell noli, hehe timings still off so shes's still a bitch to kick, twin 750 crazy power on this lil bike