nolis suzy rock n' roll suicide bike


Unknown said...

Wow. I just got linked to your stuff thrugh I live in Everett, Washington, and have had several SR 500s and a Norton. I've always wanted to buy a beater and customize as to how I see fit. I understand that you're a sculptor? When did you start doing Bikes? Having never picked up a blow torch, I'm sure that I'd fuck something up catastrophically. you're work is truly inspiring. I especially like the 'patina' of grease and dirt. your bikes look well used, as all bikes should be. My father is from Bayombong, NV. My mom is unfortunately from Wisconsin. Which means I unfortunately never learned Tagalog, Illocano, or Gaddang (dad's dialect). I love the food though. Tinola, diniguan (my personal cure for a hangover), and Pinakbet (which, I unfortunately referred to as palekpek during a dinner with the some of my father's friends). I'm really interested in the punk rock, rockabilly, metal, and bike scenes in the Philippines. The only things i've found so far are MGA independent bikers (not really my thing) and Do you have any recommendations? Thanks, Daniel