P&P tattoo aniversary

P&P tattoo parlour our neighborhood tattoists celebrated their 1st year aniversary with a fashion show. They had Joel Poniente, Ron poe, Myke samabajon , jake Cuerpo , Alex Botelho and our own lucky monkey Noli Coronado walk the runway in Shop shirts. Noli wore his trademark ELvis shades and a shop shirt upside down, having a piece of duct tape only for cover. Jauhn of onewayride.blogspot rode over with me in his suicide shift, skinny bars and high mount chopper. I was amazed at how zen he rode with through the traffic splitting lanes and going thru narrow gaps in crazy manila traffic. I brought along my Benjies cafe racer gb400 and was fumbling in traffic since i havent had a lot of ride time on that bike, I struggled with my tall bike as i watched Jauhn haul ass on the skinny chopper. It was a good night to ride split lanes and celebrate tattoos