Yellowblaze Tattoo

Founded in 2003 by former Harley Davidson engineer turned tattoo artist Shigenori Iwasaki.

"Starting as a broke motorcycle mechanic to a self taught tattooer, he has dealt with a lot of negativity to get where he is. Now, world renowned, booked for years, with more first place trophies than he can count, he still remains a mystery to many tattoo artists and collectors.... In many ways, I see Shige a lot like my master in his younger years; Horiyoshi III used to run around the world, tattooing, showing his bodysuit as well as those of his clients and being more than just a hard working tattooer, but an ambassador of Japanese art.

-- Horitaka, 2008"

above quote from Tattoo Artist Magazine


Chris said...

Shige simply kicks ass! I would give my left nut to get my back done by him!