The American

Our friend from the UK just debuted his film The American at the London Film Festival.
Its the story of Bill Hicks a famous comedian who passed away too soon. After a life of Sex, Drugs, Booze and Stand up comedy. Paul Thomas decided to make a film about his life and he did it docu style with a twist. Paul used animation to tell his story, animated clips using archival footage. Very crazy detailed work. Cheers Paul! Cant wait for your film to debut in Manila


P&P Tattoos in Makati. Since its birth two years ago weve been mainstays here. Never has a week passed that were not there getting inked or shooting the breeze with the guys.
For the anniversary aside from our head sculptor parading his tattooed ass on stage we made some rings for them.
The P&P ring is a limited ring featuring the tattoo parlour name against a backdrop of guadalupe rays.
On the sides are banners saying LOVE wrapping around a Balisong or a Filipino fan knife favored by the local friendlies and the word HATE wrapped around a heart.
The ring was give the signature Lucky Monkey treatment of oxidization and is coated black similar to the sumi ink used for tattooing.

Lau Phantasma

Our good friend Lau and his other roadtrip shots. Got my little Crow inked again this time Myke of P&P tattoo painted the background with yellows and oranges. Here they are post inking

Kaity Chua road trip series

No skulls and bones today, no pan heads and shovels just really great photos from an old analog nikon. Film still rocks taken on a road trip to the north of Manila.

Team Manila Lifestyle in Rockwell

Our brothers in team Manila with their biggest store by far. Team Manila Rockwell showcasing their wares in a store with recycled wooden accents. 

What once was just a tiny shelf has now exploded to 4 solid stores, Team Manila is seriously blowing up.  

More pics of the launch here

Check it out Team Manila store at the Rockwell Power Plant, Makati

The apprentice

Our apprentice david did his first show at the white room gallery.
Noli has been training david for the past year and a few other kids, he aslo teaches Philosophy to college kids at the One school. David has been working with epoxy and clay and has experimented with different mediums. David has also infused his art on pipes which work as well as they look. Here's a peep at his first exhibit.

Happy 13th


Manila weather has been unpredictable the past few weeks. So when the sun came up we brought out our bikes for a quick trip to the south of manila , tagaytay. It was a motley crew of bikes ranging from a honda 450 black bomber, a 305 cafe racer to a yamaha srv. Still busy sculpting the other rings for the collection will post new pictures soon