Mandy Wu

I met Mandy In Singapore, since we sold our pieces side by side in Blackmarket no. 2

Her work is strong and solid, a sneak peek of her latest pieces.

Spring/Summer 2013 collection - ‘Fortification Part II’
“Human’s greatest strength and resilience often surface in times of oppression.” Inspiration for this collection was derived from the notion of discovering strength and resilience in times of oppression. The spikes symbolize resistance & self-protection; while the common hardware display finding of strength in the ordinary. Dipped in gold/rhodium bath, the common brass hardware are transformed into strong, luxurious pieces that exude an air of deviant modernity. 
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Randomanila 101812

Father Wood

Inspired by the Ent of the Lord of the Rings.

A skull formed by branches, gnarled with age and time.

A big ring weatherd and kept raw straight from casting.
Shot by Blacksheep boys

Tirso x D'ye

Great shot of Tirso of Razorback by D'ye.

A flying V and his ring.


Hanako our flower girl. 

 Inspired by the fleeting cherry blossoms .

A single brass blossom on her temple. Wind and petals cover her. 

 Shot by Blacksheep