Dead rock stars and pomapdours

The newest batch of pompadour pipes.

Evil dead rock stars . Watch their eyes glow as you light them up.

Sculpted by Daweed

Metal cafe

Check out the work on these tanks.

Amazing detail, I can imagine my tank having

brass lighting bolts and sakuras fluttering in the breeze. i th

I think ill pop a skull in of course.

Swiped from thanks lenaard

The other tank is the godpspeed tank by Otto a master engraver.

I think this is tay herrera



Noli's Xs650 , chopped , dropped and topped off with an old peanut tank.

Of course as always its still a work in progress

he caps off the tank with a mermonkey against a rising sun.

Trippy stuff this little xs

13luckymonkey on Fully booked

Fully booked features the monkeys on
their magazine. Thanks for the article
Lola Abrera


R.I.P Mr. Jobs

Ride on!

Zora skull

Gian Romano AKA zora commisions

us for a Deskull.

Diamond stud raw finish Deskull