Takeshi Okuyama

Takeshi Okyuma best cobbler in the world.
He'll resole you e engineers
double sole cat's paw.
Hes a big bike nut, he likes period choppers
and heres his Evo rigid tail and bosozoku wheels.
Can't wait to ride with these guys


We love to ride. We get our inspiration
from riding from exploring our city,
breaking down and changing plugs in a dimly lit street.
There is inspiration to be found in
rusty spokes and rumbling v twins.
Finding gems in old farmhouses or other peoples garages.
Aren't we just lucky to ride?

Tirso Ripoll x Razorback x Lucky Monkey

We Love Rock 'N' Roll

We were Lucky ( no pun intended) to have

been comissioned by Tirso Ripoll

Cigar chomping Axe man of the band Razorback

A hard rocking band who for the past 20 years have been making

our ears bleed with their unique hard charging sound .

Tirso wanted his ring to be wearable on stage meaning it

should not snag on his LesPaul while shredding onstage.

He wanted his own Razorback or wildboar.

And here she is

30 grams of pure Rock 'n rolla silver

Oxidized and engraved with his name inside.

Its a custom build featuring two enormous tusks

polished and blued .

Shot by our official photographer and collaborator Ben Chan of black sheep manila link:


Zora gets a ring.
A shattered piece inspired by weapons,
sauron and the lord of the rings.
The ring doubles as a weapon
oxidized silver, shatter #6