A snake whispers into her ear. 

A gold tooth 

a snake and a worried look on her face

Mango red rides

Mango Red boys, two brothers who shoot one of the best wedding photographs 

on this side of the planet.

They often ride with us and actually take time to shoot and document  the ride.

The boys took off on a 400KM trip to Bicol the southermost part of Luzon.

The Mango boys will be having a design talk at the Ayala Museum this  august.

Take a gander at their work.here

heres a quick set from their mobile phones.

Randomanila 072312

The Nautical ring

A special comission from Adam of New Jersey.

Adam is a big bike nut like us . He approached us wanting a ring that spoke of seafaring traditions.

An octopus a seal similar to the old naval rings of the past. 

As work progressed we wanted to try to work with brass

and silver. Our first foray into the genre so we had long journey for this ring.

Adams BSA is also this set so is his little triumph.

Thanks for working with us to get this ring.

Photos by adam and blacksheep.



A sacred heart with a swallow for a flame.

Merges into a winged skull adorned with flowers.

Two rings that can stand as one and are stronger together

shot by blacksheep

Bonjour Singapore

Bonjour Singapore

Rana of Singapore blogs about fashion and champions the asian fashion scene.

Her knack for discovery is natural since she rocks the clothes she blogs about.

We were fortunate to have met her and today Friday the 13th she blogs about the monkeys.

Thanks Rana for the article and feature.

read it here Bonjour Singapore


Old galleons, giant waves and  the spirit of the sea.

Old wood, a Fleur Delis adorn Esperanza.

A medium sized skull for the discreet gentleman, finished in oxidized silver.

Photographed by Blacksheep