BCR features my

gb400 Tanning machine.

Cafe seat in tan cowhide,

special BCR two into one exhaust

custom manx BCR flyscreen

more pictures of the bike at the BCR blog

Zipper skulls

Still in the finishing process.

Zipper skulls for your vintage Buco jacket.

Muertos, pompadour skulls and a basic skull

In colors inpsired by our childhood filipino toys.

Held in place by a sterling silver hook

Will post better photographs soon

Thanks for custom lighter holder Daweed

Help mindanao

Help our brothers in Mindanao.

Wang Oud

Wang Oud an 89 year old

Living treasure of the Kalinga.

The Kalinga have been known as fierce warriors

decorated with Body art indicating rank, status

and heads taken.

Wang oud is the last of the traditional tattoo artists

of the Kalinga, a literal dying art

sculpted by Noli and tatttoed by Daweed

photos by ben of blacksheep

Kick kick kick

then it kicks you back.

An oft repeated scenario in the world of vintage motorcycles

Take the leathers off, kick again

take helmet off kick again

take gloves off kick again

The chopper sputters to life

hand on the throttle

put the jacket, the gloves on

then it sputters, its dead again

Ivan & Pauline

Ivan and pauline tie the knot in Boracay.

Custom chiseled rings

The base design being Paulines ring.

The grooms ring was based on Paulines ring,

literally completing each other.


The doctor is in.

BAck home in manila

thanks to B

it's back Dec. 09

Baguio , a 250 kilometre

ride from Manila. It's high up in the mountains of the north,

amazing flatlands and twisties.

An assortment of Japanese bikes, a shadow 400, gb 400 and an old xs650.

Plus a ducati monster and a bmw r65.

Speedometers broke, gas caps flew off at 80 kph, a lot of

roadside repairs and getting lost.

The old adage applies " It's the journey not the desitnation" applies

to this whole trip.


The Niño necklace.

Mixed media brass motorcycle fittings, silver chain,

hand sculpted wings and minute sterling silver skull.

The centerpice the boy Jesus or Niño as he is fondly called.