Nikon FM3A thru the eyes of Kaity.
Bad ass film photography
very old school take on a high tech city.


Weekend pinstriping, fixie gear riding and hooliganism.
that's why we love weekends


Shattering perceptions
Fresh off the casting booth,
smashed shattered evil rings
in brass and sterling silvernsmi

042210 Rockabilly 101

Rockabilly night at the collective.
Tunes by the bembol rockers met den a fellow striper
they had some bad ass mustangs, some people in
pomps and wing tips. It's a start and im all for it

Thanks to okuyama san and the folks at church of choppers stickers rock!
I think they make my bike go faster.


Happy 4:20 kids a few doodles from paolo of four and twenty blackbirds
Light up the bong crank up the song. Pass it on!

BCR shoot

The boys at BCR wanted to shoot the pinas vid, so off we went to shoot unfortunately the location i chose had runners swarming . There was a marathon on our shooting location!
Thanks to the guys who braved the 4am call time lets ride and shoot!
Flipprboi for the stunt riding, and bike building
Ibba: stunt riding cameraman
Noli and Portia: back up van with espressos for the cafe racers
Iolo Luciano : editing the vid and giving my bad footage life

Checking out the Lucky monkey and Nolis Elvira

The greatest cobbler on the Planet

If you're into boots youll know Takeshi Okuyama of hukurokuju.
Cat's paws, vibrams and his famous double half soles.
Vintage Eddie
introduced us prior to my arrival in Tokyo and Ryoko of Frenzyworks
helped me navigate the Ueno streets to get to his workshop. He even drew me a map
so it would be easier. You know youve reached his shop once you spot his iconic shovelhead
a small one story building filled with boots and leather jackets. Takeshi was working and i was introduced to his wife and co worker. These guys are amazing he toured me around showed me the Landis machines and recently completed Wescos.
He checked out the Lucky Monkey silver rings and a resounding Sugoi(very good) and kakkoye( cool) from the crew. He dug the Catherine skull ring and the Guadalupe rings
He even showed me his custom brass buckles. His shop is filled with so many brands of boots i'm guessing its a long waiting list for this guys boot repairs. We smoked and he showed me his shovelhead with coker tires and rabbit handlebars, having too much work keeps him away from riding and his silver 60's toyota which he is restoring. It's funny even if i don't speak japanese and our failings in communication
once we spoke motorcycles and boots it was like i Knew this guy for a long time. I'll be back to ride with these guys and have boots resoled Okuyama Style. Thanks for hooking me up with the vibram keychain and hukurokuju goodies. Keep on boogeing okuyama san !