Enemy fixed gear

Fixed gear. One gear to rule them all.

Single speed fixed , cages and old cranks.

Inspired by the lugs of old track bikes

a spinning cog and a chain link for a tooth

Shot by ben and Maui of Blacksheep.

Monkeys at work

We like our studio.

But we like to work in cafes. a leather pouch with our tools and our wax.

The cafe is our studio, coffee and cigarettes on tap

13LuckyMonkey gets featured in bigthink.com

Thanks for the article promoting all the asian artisans out there.

Thank you for the support Aun. The full article here

AF our long time client. Has had two rings made the fighter pilot ring

and the bandolier ring. His newest comission the Muerto ring.

With roots from LA this mexican inspired ring

has the words Todo o Nada in a tattoo banner at the skulls base.

shot by Blacksheep 

Chef Martin xLuz

Chef Martin comissions  a knife.

With a passion for all things sharp and forged.

We whipped up a Luz with a knife as an eye piece

with a matching brass handle for contrast.