Gian Romano X Lucky Monkey X Surface Asia

Gian romano x Lucky Monkey
Surface Asia features Gian Romano for its maiden issue.
one of our pieces was fortunate to be included in the article.
devil horn barbell textured inspired by deer horns.
Features a threaded locking mechanism .

Zoran of Amsterdam Gets Hitched

He commisions the monkeys
for a shattered ring. He's actually the
first client to have stones put into his
rings. We didnt really like stones on our jewelry,
he started it all.
He sends us pictures from his carnival themed
wedding at the pier.
Thanks Zoran we hope to meet you someday.
Do send me pictures of your cafe racer

bunker X 420 Blackbirds X Gigzilla

Gigzilla JP cuison Illustrates for 420 blackbirds.
Bunker at Ronac
care of Borgy
Rendered in traditional dirty white walls and primer oxide red
Fictional Manila motorcycle club M.C. Askal: Slumdog, street dog ,half breed, underdog all decked out in his schott prefecto , greased up pomapdour
and his trusty balisong( filipino fan knife)
Pusakal: Stray cat, street cat in his white shirt cuffed up denim
and cigarette pack on his shoulder.

All packaged in tradional hand screened Kaiju cardboard and stapled
for safety.

Available in Small, medium large and XL
printed on 100% cotton vintage black shirts.
All printed by kustom printer 420 blackbirds

In stock

In stock now at gb5 Ac+632
shattered colelction and a skull by apprentice


Erl gets a skull ring.
Its a variation of the luz and Elvira a mash up of both models.
This skull ring features an extra skull in the back shaped like a revolvers
bullet chamber. Oxidized 95% silver with the
words " salbahe " engraved on the side.

Manila Animal

Manila Animal
If there's one animal of Manila, it's Kiko Escora
Visual figurative artist with work hung in various fine galleries
around the globe and auctioned by Sotheby's and Christie's
He commisioned the monkeys for a skull ring, the man has digs skulls as evidenced by his recent and early work.
Kiko 's personal Luz, black oxidized silver
engraved with Manila Animal on the side.

AFXlucky Monkey

AF our client wanted his own skull ring.
He's a big aeroplane man, flying all sorts
of radio controlled flying machines, which fill every nook
of his home.
He wanted Lucila link:
but with a twist , inspired by his favorite WWII plane the spitfire markVB.
We suggested a intake exhausts on the side a feature unique to the VB.
And how about a painted silver ring in RAF colours.
AF's work here link :
Lucila: split forehead, VB replica exhausts, riveted painted in RAF green.