DJ Mulan

Erik is a DJ, hes the owner of B-side at the collective.
Spinning records is his thing, so when he came to us for a ring, we obliged.
We made a Lucila ring for him and used an old record.
We used an old beatles record and got the impression of
the record and used the shards to form his own skull.
Vinyl interpreted in silver
I wonder if this ring will actually play

Randomanila 053011


It's the weekend let's ride.


Rosa with her Grendel Ring.
A layered crucifix
in black oxidized silver.
Nice to finally meet you, see you
for your guadalupe.

Godiva Sakura

The sakura is recurring theme in japanese and asian art.
It symbolizes the transience of life, no permanence
and that everything is fleeting.
I have 13 sakuras tattooed on me to remind me of these things,
now i have it in my ring
Godiva ring by Noli
Inlayed with Sakura by apprentice.
Photos by ben of black sheep


Our friends from 8negro.
The scene in spain is not at all plain.
Its a place of cafe racers, leather ton up kids
and great photos.
thanks 8negro

Mod Manila

Our boys at mango red
ride their scooters on a black saturday into the city of Manila.
It's gotta be in black and white