Randomanila 121114


Like some baby Barbarella

With the stars as her umbrella.

The all seeing eye winged ready to fly 

into the night sky.

Photography by Blacksheep Manila

Randomanila 100114


A monster in Greek Mythology. A monster with a head full of snakes. 
Her gaze will turn you into stone.

Shot by our friends at blacksheepmanila

BCR ambo

A little something to inspire us to ride our motorcycles this weekend.

An dried up riverbed damaged  and  an old Ambassador Moto Guzzi.

Ingredients for a great weekend shoot.

A handmade scrambler based on the Moto guzzi, handcrafted by Benjies Cafe Racer

and shot by ben of BlacksheepManila. 

Ride you bikes put in the miles, go out get your face dirty.