A study in squares and the graphic nature of things.

Named after my favorite singer  from TOE Toki Asako

A solid skull held together by squares as mathematic as the music of TOE.

In the bespoke business weve met a lot of clients from doctors to artists and even fellow jewellers.

Today ill post about Ivan Despi. He approached us for the Pauline ring and the wedding rings aptly 

named Ivan and Pauline. He does animation for his crew called the acid house. Here is his art

very trippy and acid inspired im guessing.


Our Lady of Grace.

Descending from the sky astride an A-bomb.

Lightning beside her and the words Roll.

Photos by Blacksheep Manila



Happy 4 :20 kids


I was recently in Singapore for work. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Aun and was in turn introduced

 to Wei his brother and publisher of The rake and These magazines cater to the

bespoke clothing afficionado and watch connoiseur.  All matters to clothe  the gentleman and fine time

pieces to complement his wardrobe. After taking Mr. A's measurements I met Wei and he fancied

this ring . It fit him spot on Brody found her master. A silver ring that is quite subtle and

complemented by graphic lines. Shot by Blacksheepmanila sculpted by Daweed of 13LM.

Check this out if your in town. Organized by Lennard and Zoran of bubblevisor

Would be awesome to see all your rusty gold.