Long live the kings

A road trip with flatheads. A short film i found on the selvedge yard.

Long live the kings a ride captured and shot beatutifully.

Flatheads courtesy of Blitz, famous for their blacked out beemer.

Nice soundtrack makes you want to pick a mountain , a desert and get lost.

Sinnerman Films

Sinnerman FIlms  is a collective of filmmakers from Spain.

The Logo is actually a skull adorned with flowers, One of the partners Paul wanted a custom skull

with the logo integrated into it. It was a fun collaboration thank you Paul.

Here she is a long delayed post, photos by Sinnerman himself and Blacksheep manila.

Randomanila 092612


J or Doodah has been a long time client.

A bike builder in America.

He loves rigids and after his first ring he called again for a very special comission.

A wedding ring, we had free rein over the design, and wanted to pass it on to his son in the future.

We started sketching a ring for Mr. Doodah.

We built a ring to reflect his choppers, speed scallops, fishtails, spark plugs on the forehead, screws ,

a kickstarter and special knurling on the sides.