Sometimes in casting the piece comes out unfinished.

Several factors bring about this, not enough heat and the silver gets stuck unable to get into

tiny cracks and crevices. This Galleon ring came out unfinshed and immediately found a home.

Our little galleon ring, inspired by the ships that braved the seas in search of other lands.

She now belongs to Edie one of our closest friends. Give his blog a visit if you like denim 

, shoes and vintage workwear.


Inspired by the giants that walked the earth before. 

Mammut a custom ring for one of our clients Greg.

Our take on the mammoth, upturned tusks  with a fossilized finish.

This mammoth shot by blacksheep.


Philippines has been experiencing record rainfall the past week.

Massive flooding everywhere , our streets are still flooded as we speak.

Thousands are displaced and homeless. Take your time to help out our brothers in need

thank you. Link to donations below



A petite skull covered in daisies individually hand sculpted by Daweed and Noli.

Shot by Blacksheep for the monkeys