Myke Sambajon P&P tattoo

Myke Samabajon shot by Manila Massive

Myke has done most of my tattoos

and nolis B. A. D. big ass dragon

Great film where he talks about motorcycling and tattoos

A passion we all share.

This is reflected thorugh his custom art and his signature style

the Three needle technique.

Nice rings myke

Zipper pulls X Ben Chan

Ben chan shoots our little zipper pulls.

Resin pulls and solid sterling silver hooks

Shot against a vintage horsehide Buco and talon zipper

The Muerto, the skull and the Greaser.

Vintage engineer boots

Johns tthrowing a contest.

I dig this blog because im an engineer boot fan.

Check out his blog be a fan here


Happy Friday the 13th.



Inspired by waves crashing

For a client who travels in search of the perfect wave.

A banner on the back aptly reads " The feeling is always perfect"

Ivan+ Pauline

Congratulations Ivan and Pauline.

We missed the beach wedding

cheers guys!

Happy new year

Were back, Happy new year.

Managed to sneak in a few rides

and a lot of good times

Its back to the grind again

Thank you for a great 2011.