The Vintagent

Paul D' Orleans the vintagent

awesome interview by the boys at pipeburn

always an inspiration .

Click here for the interview

Weve always been fans of the sakura. Were such fans i have 13 sakuras tattoed on my right arm.

Apprentice David makes a sister for the Octopus ring. I requested for him to make me personal ring

sakuras, waves and possibly a Koi.

Here she is against a backdrop of wood flying sakuras waves and a koi.

Photographed by Ben Chan of Blacksheep

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

Tako to ama

Inspired by Hiroshiges woodcut of Japanese erotica.

A skull by apprentice textured in wood.

Feautring a relief of an octopus and a female diver

Our heroine grasps the skulls eye socket as the Octopus

grabs her hair and pulls out a katana.


The omnipresent scapular.

Cheap and plentiful in the Manila streets

Usually of really bad plastic, tied with a brown string.

L our client requested for a custom pair,

all the nuances of a real scapular sans plastic.

I be the Man on the moon.

New old bikes

A good month for scoring new bikes.

Eddie gets himself a pan head,

Noli finds an XS 650

and hopefully i get this rigid triumph.

and Ryan gets a beetle in flat black.
From 4q conditioning , Max s.

Old bikes, rigids and rock 'n' rol how could you go wrong

CRETE'N from Simon Chan on Vimeo.

CRETE'N from Simon Chan on Vimeo.

Kaity Chua X 13Lucky Monkey

Kaity Chua shoots the monkeys.

Great choice of props for this shoot, skulls, fur

fruits and worms. Great light on this

thank you, Kaity, Deng, Lau , Gino and Manuel V for the props.