Mars Attacks ring by Ryan.

Handsculpted brain goodness for Alvin.

Clear coated in resin for that bubble headed feel

random 071111

Yeah fuck you too.

From Lennard at Bubble visor



three years under Nolis wing.

A few pieces by our apprentices David and Ryan.

Skulls by Ryan embelishd and shaped into one off

peace pipes. They gifted us with individual pipes

He replicated our jackets and pomps

trippy stuff indeed.

The Acid house

Ivan's Godiva for Pauline.

Ivan is Acid house, a motion graphics studio here in Manila.

He Wanted a ring to propose with so he chose Godiva.

His Godiva was adorned with finger waves , a kris , a pencil and musical notes.

We also inlayed two diamonds into Godiva's eyes.


Thanks for this great video . swiped from Church of choppers


Trent of Bikermetric has a new magazine.

It's got rust written all over it,

Check it out kids\m/

Get it here