Manila Animal

Manila Animal
If there's one animal of Manila, it's Kiko Escora
Visual figurative artist with work hung in various fine galleries
around the globe and auctioned by Sotheby's and Christie's
He commisioned the monkeys for a skull ring, the man has digs skulls as evidenced by his recent and early work.
Kiko 's personal Luz, black oxidized silver
engraved with Manila Animal on the side.

AFXlucky Monkey

AF our client wanted his own skull ring.
He's a big aeroplane man, flying all sorts
of radio controlled flying machines, which fill every nook
of his home.
He wanted Lucila link:
but with a twist , inspired by his favorite WWII plane the spitfire markVB.
We suggested a intake exhausts on the side a feature unique to the VB.
And how about a painted silver ring in RAF colours.
AF's work here link :
Lucila: split forehead, VB replica exhausts, riveted painted in RAF green.

Randomanila B&W

Randomanila in black & white.
New rings up soon


sad day for our friend brit bike enthusiast taka.
After 15 years he lets go of his velocette thruxton.

Lucila in the sky with diamonds

My personal Lucila
Embedded with 66
onyx stones. The setting is inverted to
let the stones jut out
like spikes.


Rex of Inksurge
orders a ring.
The inksurge guys survive on coffee and
churn out awesome digital and graphic design work.
Must be the coffee check out inksurge here
Photos by rex in all its shattered goodness
thanks rex.