Gone fishing

The monkeys will be on a black sabbatical.
We'll be working on the next collection
isolation booths and silver will keep us company.
Email me at 13luckymonkey@gmail.com
see you guys soon


1942 WLA
She just arrived in my house the other day.
Shes bone stock with a few new bits here and there
some bikers would call her a pinner
the minimum amount of work needed to make her
run. Still missing a few bits like tha tank shifter
the beautiful thing about 1940's
technology is eveything is rebuildeable
she came in with a box of spares. Ill start work on her this
weekend my last week for this company.


One in a series of 13
Shattered skull in silver.
Our first prototype in sterling silver.
Weve got plans for her, stones
,brass onyx and other metals .


Luchas and japanese pompadours. Taken in tokyo two years ago,
These guys converge in Yoyogi park near harajuku . All clad in leathers
pointy boots, and of course Pompadours, greased up and hairsprayed to the high
heaven. These guys are famous for dancing to rockabilly music.
The drawings were a result of hours of boring meetings.
The fat client inspired me


Vintage eddie hooked me up with selvage. Some nice cheap uniqlos to beat around with on my bike. Nice and tough the way i like it, none of those fake washed shit out there. New stickers from Mon of team manila helebetika rocking my helmet.

Triumph art

Great bike. looks like itll do the salt flats from these guys at the kustom garage. Photos from ze last chance garage. amazing fabrication work was put into this

Bullet the blue sky

Seat inspirations for my lil sportster.
Im digging the cruiser bullet seat i want one.
I hope santa makes me one in brushed aluminum!