Been really busy bangin away on day jobs, night jobs. Were casting the first collection expect them all to be black and oxidized
and were also playin with stones.


Ive been zooming around town on a little zoomer.
Missing my old trusty harley shes still in surgery with doc benji.
New tank and a new seat.
a few bikes swiped from here and there


Hunting for banksy. That was the one of the firsts on my London list. Indeed i saw them hiding under bridges in tiny alleys
ranging from 7 feet to a mammoth 30 foot piece on oxford circus.
Banksy i think defines graffiti, its raw its in your face and best of all its just fucking witty.
Our boy Bueno has been hunting on his own. Bueno is an NY based writer
who runs and writes and consumes excessive amounts of alcohol . Here are his SOHO banksy pics.

Basara II

Our friend motoyan shoots awesome pictures. He shoots them on his bike
on his fixie the man has got a taste for speed. Swiped off his blog new basara attack chopper pictures
The basara boys are it again, old skool no rules high pipe high speed !


Sunny's got a new toy. 7d bad ass camera ISO of 6000.
a few shots of me with Ira, Kaity and my wedding ring
in their oxidized goodness.

Viva La Vida Dos

New shirts from Ryoko of tokyo Frenzyworks
Organic cotton muertos and luchadores.
All handmade no machine printing here
Love it thanks Ryoko

PInstriping helmets and Ira our little shatter ring. Random stuff

BIker Metric

Thanks mr. trent for posting these
Rock n ' Roll Suicide Suzy our little cb77
check it out nice bad ass site


More random Tokyo stuff. Old meets new in this city just fuckin' crazy. Its another planet
and I am the alien